My friend told me about using a heart rate monitor. I could not believe how easy it was to use. My heart rate monitor made it easy to exercise the correct way. My Reebok has become my coach”
Bill D., Florida

“When my doctor told me to start exercising to lose weight, I joined the local Health Club. My doctor then encouraged me to buy a heart rate monitor to help me burn fat and lose weight. Now, I know if I should pick up the pace or slow down. With my heart rate monitor I know exactly how to exercise.”
Cathy W., Mississippi

“Ever since I purchased my pedometer I have been walking more and more. It’s great to know exactly how far I’ve gone and my goal of 10,000 steps per day really helps to motivate me. It’s just an extra 30 minutes per day more. I even have my own walking group now.”
Jessica, Michigan

“I just wasn’t serious enough about my exercise routine to buy a heart rate monitor with a chest belt. Then I saw Reebok’s New Strapless heart rate monitor that measures heart rate without the use of a chest belt. I wear it all day and it enables me to check my heart rate even when I’m not exercising. It really helps to keep me motivated. Thank You Reebok!”
Dana L. East Hampton, NY