OEM Services

Sports Beat provides proprietary high-performance heart rate monitoring technology and products for fitness, health equipment and commercial applications. This technology is the first and only one of its kind to be available to consumers on the open market.

Our OEM products include circuit boards, contact hand sensor components, and contact hand bar assemblies.

Our customer service personnel and engineering team are highly trained and ready to support your heart rate monitoring OEM applications

Private Label Watches
We can provide private label watches that will provide you with readings that are accurate and reliable each and every time. We know that you will be pleased with the results you will be able to create using heart monitoring in conjunction with your own equipment.

Circuit Boards
Our high-performance line of circuit board products is available for OEM applications for both contact heart rate and wireless heart rate monitoring. Our technology delivers superior heart rate acquisition through our advanced circuitry and software algorithms.

Wireless Receivers
We offer cost-effective solution for applications requiring reception of the health equipment industry standard 5kHz wireless heart rate signal.

Hand Sensors
We can provide hand sensor components for use in health and exercise equipment, and can assemble these along with our OEM boards into custom contact hand bars sub-assemblies.

To find out how we can offer you the best hear rate monitoring solution for your equipment, contact us.