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We produce the world’s top brands in the heart rate monitor space. Our brands are instantly recognized as quality names in fitness and exercise.


We offer a full complement of both standard heart rate monitors which come with a chest belt and a full line of strapless heart rate monitors which require no chest belt.

Chest belt heart rate monitors are ECG accurate which use a chest transmitter for continuous heart rate readings. These are favored by athletes and marathoners.

Our line of strapless heart rate monitors are also ECG accurate and do not require a chest belt. The user simply touches the face of the watch and their heart rate appears within 4 seconds. Strapless models are favored by women, the more casual exerciser, and those seeking weight loss and are experience rapid demand by this new influx of buyers.

Offering Decades of Experience

Our manufacturing partner has been making heart rate monitors for 30 years and owned the original patent for heart rate monitors in a wrist watch. In addition, the company was the first to provide a User Changeable Battery in the chest transmitter. This enables the user to change the battery themselves instead of sending it back to the manufacturer thus reducing or even eliminating the time spent training without their heart rate monitor.

We were also the ones to develop the “Quick Touch” technology that make strapless heart rate monitors so appealing. Our 2 button design makes for a faster, more accurate reading.

The management of the company has spent more than 25 years in the design and manufacturing of heart rate monitors and their vast skill and experience has lead the company to be one of the most dominating heart rate monitor companies in the world.

Best Selling Products for Retailers and Distributors

We invite retailers and distributors to contact us about the growing revenue opportunities in carrying the best line of heart rate monitors and pedometers.